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During her studies at the academy, the Polish artist Magdalena Kita joined forces with a fellow student to found the international women’s organisation Congress. This semi-fictional platform for the exchange of feminine perspectives quickly developed into a kind of life performance with fluid boundaries in all directions. After the dissolution of Congress in 2012, Kita began defining herself especially as a painter, whereby the performative aspect, as well as her socio-political commitment in the sense of artistic activism, continues to play an outstanding role in her work.


With the White Partisan project, Kita takes a playful look at the social, political and economic transformation of her homeland during her childhood in the 1990s. The title of the project refers to underground organisations during the Second World War, which fought to intensify relationships with the West. The artistic language of the unusual animal hide paintings of this group of works thus derives from such highly divergent sources as Byzantine icons and the Eastern European drug scene and porn industry, as well as Art Brut and the so-called ‘Bad Art’ of the 1980s.


Her most recent project Californication consists of a series of beach towels, as well as performances, actions and a series of subversive television commercials. As with the animal hide paintings, the motifs on the beach towels are for the most part sexually explicit and serve as, among other things, by all means humorous traps or Trojan horses for the (male) viewer.


Essay by Gérard A. Goodrow


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